TAM 2030 Spring 2013 (Updated on June 22, 2013)

End of the semester summary (please comment on any of this on Piazza or by email)

Grades: All student grades and data, listed by code name (find your code name on your Blackboard page)
                Grading software: Zipped folder of all programs and (anonymized) data used to generate the final grades.
Syllabet: official course description for ABET (Proposed new syllabet)
Course survey: 102/165 students completed an anoymous survey (31 pages of all student responses)
Staff report on meeting the course objectives.
ABET report on the course and how to change it .
All exams: Prelims 1,2 and 3, 2 makeup exams, and the final exam (with 'solutions').

News: Old news

Course information

Homework assignments,
           Homework policy,     Homework grading.
Staff and teaching Schedule: lecture, sections, problem sessions, office hours, graders, etc.
Exams and project
: (make-up exams, homework exam, final exam, hints about how to do well, rooms, dates, optional project).
       Final grade formula,    Grading philosophy
Problem sessions start Monday January 28.   These are called "labs" by the registrar.


1. a) Textbook: DYNAMICS, by Ruina and Pratap  is available ($60) at Kraftees on Dryden Ave.
    b) Optional STATICS book, by Ruina and Pratap is also available at Kraftees ($47).
2. I-Clickers (required) from campus store for lecture micro-quizes and polls (register here).
3. Matlab samples from lecture and from a previous year of this course.
4. Lecture notes Spring 2013 (with recitation notes)  
5. Lecture videos
6. Physical demonstrations shwon in lecture and do-it-yourself (DIY).
7. Piazza for course questions and comments. The first time, you need to add TAM 2030 Dynamics.
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Old TAM 2030 information:    

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Old exam collection (go to S09 and S11 sites for those exams)

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