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Particle and Rigid Body Dynamics, Official Cornell course description
 (about right).


* Final Grades are posted: PC (zip compressed),   Mac (.sit).
* Final Project solution
is posted at the end of the Homework page below.
* Final Exam solutions
are on the bottom of the exam page.
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General course information

Homework assignments and solutions.
Who teaches what when: lecture, sections, labs, office hours, extra voluntary section.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
 1. Statics and Dynamics (and errata page), 2. Getting Started with Matlab, 3. lab manual
There are four, starting on Jan 28, structured like in TAM 202.
Software: 1)
Special student Matlab licence for $50 per year. TAM 203 Matlab samples,
        2) Working Model, for fun, is at the CIT Lab in B7 Upson and in 265 Upson (install info).
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