Exams and grading, TAM 203, Spring 2002

The prelims and final exam are closed book, no notes, no calculators.


Prelims will allow extra time to reduce time pressure.
Prelim 1:
Tues Feb 26,. 7:30 PM; Hollister 110 & B14 (fiasco). Solution (+ODE explanation)
Prelim 2
(comprehensive, covers through HW due April 16): Tues April 16, 7:30pm; Thurston 202, 203 &205. SolutionMatlab code for problem 2.
Early makeup for those with conflicts:
4:30 PM, same day, with prior permission.You must stay in the exam room from 4:30 until 7:30, bring food (we will give you a note excusing you for lateness to your next test). Thurston 201.
Makeup prelim:
(for those who missed both a prelim and early makeup, with prior permission): Monday May 6, 9 - 12 AM.

Final Exam (comprehensive). Tuesday, May 14 : 3:00-5:30, MN (Morrison Hall) 146 on the Ag Quad. The final exam will have 5 questions. On average they will be a little shorter than the problems on the two prelims. No extra time. Each category below will be represented in at least one of the final exam problems.( Solution. Comments on Grading. Graded exams are )

1) A car or bike accelerating or breaking with front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive on level ground or going uphill or downhill or traveling on level ground, or something very similar to this.
2) A problem very similar to a problem already on a prelim.
3) A problem very similar to a homework problem.
4) A problem that needs a Matlab solution. 
5) A problem that requires analytic solution of a simple ODE from this set: first or second order constant coefficient ODE with a right-hand-side of zero, a constant, linear in time, an exponential in time or a sine-wave in time).
6) A problem related to the final homework 14.
7) A text problem that was not assigned.
8) A sample problem in the book.
9) Something related to one of the labs.

( Solutions. Graded exams are kept in Kimball 212. You can look at, but not take your exam. Best if you print out and understand the solutions first. You can also look at the Comments on Final Exam Grading)

Final grade: The homeworks (dropping the lowest homework grade) and two prelims will count equally in your grade. After rescaling to a common median, the lowest of the three will be dropped. Together these two will count as 50% of your grade, the final exam 35%, and the labs 15%. TAs can add a few points for good section, office hour, or bonus project performance. One bonus point for completing a course evaluation form (to be distributed in one of the last three lectures). The median student will get a B or B-, depending on overall class performance.

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