TAM 203, Spring 2000
Dynamics for engineers: Cornell's "Courses of Study" official course description (with minor modifications you can see in the syllabus below).

News (4/21/00)
HW 12 is on the WWW and the handouts in the Thurston study room (since late Friday afternoon).

Prelim 3 Information (updated 4/21/2000)
* 7:30-9:00 PM+ in Phillips 101 on Tuesday April 25. Note room change from previous prelims.
* The review for prelim 3 by David Cabrera is in Thurston 203 on Sunday April 23 from 7-9 PM.
* Office hours on Sunday changed this week to 2-4 and 5-7.
* No notes, books, calculators or cheat-sheets. We will provide the tables from the first two pages of the book as well as tables I through IV from the back.
* Contact us (alr3, jab16) if you have a prelim conflict.
* Solutions to the homework due April 25 will be posted here by the afternoon of April 24.

Final Exam Scheduling (as of 4/21/2000):
For all those without an official conflict the final exam is on May 17 at noon in HO B14.
For those 10 or so students with a conflict we are still hoping for a resolutiont. If there is a makeup exam it will be on May 19 at noon.

Old News

Office Hours (when not changed before prelims) in Thurston 102 : Sun 2-4, 7-9, 6-9:30.
Pi tau sigma tutoring in Upson 211 mondays from 7:30-8:30.

Course handouts and downloads:   

Course information : exam, homework, lab, grading policies, etc. (updated 2/23/00, 2 page pdf, print and save).
Syllabus: lecture topics by day.   (updated 2/21/00, 1 page pdf file, print and save).  
Reading Guide and Text Download   (updated 4/27/2000).
Homework Assignments and Solutions   (updated 4/24/2000).
Matlab sample code : text files to copy and try  (updated 2/10/2000).

Write to TAM 203 Staff, or Send ANONYMOUS comments. Suggestions have been made here that we are using to try to improve things. Some students have sent questions using the anonymous email that we are helpless to respond to - please add your email address, or write directly to us (alr3 & jab16) if you want an answer.