TAM 2030 Spring 2009 (Site updated on May 18, 2009)
Particle and rigid-object dynamics: Official Cornell course description (pretty close)
Professor: Andy Ruina, Lecture videos
All course information, but for recorded grades, will be on this www site. There are no handouts.
Grades will be recorded on blackboard (Please register for ENGRD 2030).

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* 5/18 Want to know how your final grade was calculated?
All the data and the program that calculated your grade are here.
* 5/9 Final exam solutions. Also on the course exams page.
* 5/9 If you left the final before the mu announcement, or even if you did not, you will get at least substantial-to-full credit if you did a non-trivial problem based on assumptions you stated that did not contradict
the information given.
* 5/9 The "attendence" data posted on the blackboard site is based on which days your clicker responded. We might look at it if specific issues arrise that we want to discuss. We are keeping it as a curiosity item. So we posted it for your curiosity also. The only data we have is if you clicked at least once in a class. Of course it would be interesting to see how success at in-class questions would correlate with exam performance, but we don't have that data. The clicker data that we do have is not part of your grade. Even though it is not part of your grade, we would like to know if you think the data is incorrect.

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General course information

Homework assignments, policies and solutions.
Staff and teaching Schedule:
lecture, sections, labs, office hours, graders, etc.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
Labs. There are four labs, starting on Monday January 26, structured like in TAM 202.
           Lab schedule. Manual for Lab 1 (corrected 1-27-09),    Lab 2 (corrected 2/17/09),   Lab 3 (3/5/09) ,    Lab 4(4/3/09)
  1. Ruina and Pratap   "Introduction to Statics and Dynamics" in Cornell Book Store.
  2.  Videos
of the lectures are posted. (Alt site for lecture videos)
Lab Manual will be posted (above), one lab at a time, starting about 4 days before the labs start.
 4. Matlab information

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