TAM 203, Spring 2009

Old news

* 5/7 The solution to problem 7 on prelim 3 has been corrected (new pdf). Change: the expression "thetadot + phidot" is replaced with "phidot". All other work remains unaffected.
* 5/1 Please bring errors you have found in the book, or suggested changes,    to Andy's office hours (below). Bring a book with folded corners and     markup and we can transcribe to my markup copy. * 5/1 Please complete the online course evaluation. It counts in your grade.    I (Andy) read all forms and comments. What you saw this semester    is largely formed in response to these evaluations from years past. * 5/1 Extra credit HW clarification:     Please include the derivation of your equations.     This can be scanned from neat hand-written work,     computer algegra, TeX, Word or whatever. Something     clear and legible and easy to follow. EXTENSION: Due May 5 by 2 AM. * 5/1 Final week Office hours       Monday (5/4)     1:30 -  5:30 PM Anoop      Tuesday (5/5     12 -  2    PM Ricky                           4    -  6    PM Anoop       Wednesday (5/6) 9:30 - 11:30 AM Andy                         4:15 - 6:15 PM Pranav (updated 5/4)       Thursday (5/7)   12:30 - 3:30 PM Andy                          3:30 - 5:30 PM Pranav       Friday (5/8)      9 AM - 12    PM Andy * 4/27   Extra credit problem assigned.  Due May 5, 2 AM. * 4/22  Matlab samples and notes from Pranav Bhounsale's 4/21 lecture are posted on Matlab page.(1: simple pendulum with explicit constraint equations, 2: cart and pendulum) * 4/21  If you need to makeup a lab, contact Dave Blocker by Friday April 24.
            Makeup labs will be May 1&2 at noon but need to be prescheduled.
* 4/16  Homework 25 (due April 23) problems have changed. See HW page.
* 4/14  Prelim 3 solutions posted
* 4/14 Note that homework on mechanisms due 4/16 requires some book learning.
* 4/7 HW due Thurs 4/9 has been lightenned.
* 4/7 Prelim 3 covers whole course through 15.2 (not including 15.3)
* 4/3/09 Lab 4 manual is posted.
* 3/24/09 Prelim 2 and Prelim 2 solutions (corrected 3/27/09) are posted here and on the exam page.
* 3/7 Please re-register your i-clicker at http://atcsupport.cit.cornell.edu/pollsrvc/
* 3/5 Face drawing and rotation posted on Matlab page.
* 3/5 Lab 3 posted.
* 2/24 Prelim 1 solution is posted here and on the exam page. * 2/25 HW due March 3 updated.
* 2/24 Prelim 1 solution is posted here and on the exam page.
* 2/17 Until today the lab 2 manual had this pair of errors: Equation (2.9) was mislabeled, and there was an extraneous ^2. Corrected lab 2 directions are now posted below (and here). * 2/14 Lab 2 manual is posted.
* 2/14 Andy is giving a general physics colloquium on Monday Feb 16 at 4:00 in Rockefeller.
Rotation with Zero Angular Momentum: Demonstrations of the Falling Cat Phenomenon Go Sour”. Refreshments at 3:30. It will be mostly accessible to people in TAM 203.
* 2/5 Note that section 2.5 was not done in lecture. So for HW due Feb 10 you are stuck reviewing your freshman physics (or reading the book). Nothing tricky. In the problem statement please change                                     vA+ = 8 m/s     to     vA+ = 6 m/s.
As printed, the problem gives the a-typical result that the masses pass through each other (could happen, e.g. a bullet) and the coeff of restitution is negative.
* 2/5 (updated 2/7) New homework grading policy. If on the top of your homework you write "I spent X hours on the homework." and X >=5, you get full credit. You can spend more than 5 hours if you like. And you can get full credit if you do a good effort and spend less. But the purpose of the homework is to keep you engaged, so that's mostly what we are grading. And 5 hours is enough to show good engagement, no matter how well you do. This is now posted on the HW grading policy www page.
* 2/5 Please don't sit in last 4 rows (exception for Professor David Gries).
         Please move in to center of front rows so people coming later don't have to climb so much.
* 2/5 I-clickers are working up front. Please bring yours to class every day.
   We will keep attendance. But neither attendance nor anything else with I-clickers will effect your grade.
* 1/27 Lab manual error, prelab question 1: should be harmonic oscillator eqn.
   (i.e., there should not be a dot over the x.)
   As of 1/27/09 8 PM the lab manual on this site (below) is corrected.
* 1/22 Office hours (starting 1/26) posted here. * 1/22 In general, look for homework solutions here.
* 1/22 Videos of the lectures are available for free
* 1/19 Matlab introductory lecture, for those who know no Matlab, on Sunday January 25, 2-4 PM in Kimball B11.
* 1/19 Labs start in the second week of classes, schedule to be posted by Jan 23.
* 1/19 Welcome to TAM 2030!


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