Homework grading and re-grading policy

We want to encourage high standards but we do not want to beat you down.


* Your homework grade will primarily be based on effort (thoroughness, neatness, completeness). Simultaneously the graders will mark up and grade more severely based on content, but this will not be part of your course grade.

* If on the top of your homework you write "I spent X hours on the homework." and X >=5, you get full credit. You can spend more than 5 hours if you like. And you can get full credit if you do a good effort and spend less. But the purpose of the homework is to keep you engaged, so that's mostly what we are grading. And 5 hours is enough to show good engagement, no matter how well you do.

* Please ask a TA or grader in office hours (or just after recitation if there is time) if you do not understand a comment or grade on your HW.

* All homework can be redone for some partial credit until the last lecture. Hand in the old HW, the new HW and a cover sheet. The whole homework does not need to be redone, only problems that need to be regraded. After receiving their graded HW in section, students have ONE week to rework problems they missed for FULL credit. Later redone HWs will be given partial credit, with the graders being more lenient early in the semester.

* Homework can be resubmitted if the grading seems unfair. Note the issues with post-it notes and put a cover sheet on the homework. Don't mark directly on the homework.

Hand in redone homework at the office hours of the grader. There you can discuss the issues.