TAM 203, Fall 2004,  Andy Ruina,   (Site updated on Dec 11, 2004)
Particle and Rigid Body Dynamics, Official Cornell course description
 (pretty close).

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* (20.12.04) The final exam and solutions are posted on the exam page. So is the makeup prelim.
   Please print out the solutions to look at as you look at your graded final exam
   at Matt's office when you come back in January.

*Study week office hours and review
     Tues. Dec. 7   4-5pm   Matt  Q&A      Thurston 102
     Wed.  Dec. 8   2-4pm   Andy  Q&A      Thurston 102
     Sat.  Dec. 11  1-3pm   Andy  Q&A      Thurston 102
                    3-5pm   Matt  Review   Thurston 205
     Sun.  Dec. 12  1-3pm   Andy  Q&A      Thurston 102
Wed. Dec 15 2-4PM Andy Q&A Thurston 102 Thur. Dec. 16 7-9pm Matt Q&A Thurston 102

* (23.11.04) A bonus assignment has been posted at the end of the homework page.
* (15.11.04) A make-up lab class of the TAM 203 Dynamics Labs will be held on Nov. 20 (Saturday), 2004, starting at 1:25 PM.
* (30.8.04) The class room is changing. Starting Tuesday August 31, 2004 at 9:00 AM
   TAM 203 meets in Bard 140
(and does not meet in Hollister 110).
* (30.8.04) Despite rumors to the contrary (started by Professor Ruina)
   Math 293 is a co-requisite, not a pre-requisite
, for TAM 203 .
* (26.8.04) For people who have never seen Matlab
    I'll give a simple introduction from 3-4 on Friday Aug 27, 2004 in Thurston 204
* (25.8.04) There will be no course handouts, learn all about this course from this Web site (25.8.04).
(25.8.04) Welcome to TAM 203.

General course information

Homework assignments and solutions.
Who teaches what when: lecture, sections, labs, office hours, extra voluntary section.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
 1. Statics and Dynamics, 2. Getting Started with Matlab (optional), 3. lab manual
There are four, starting on Sept 20, structured like in TAM 202.
Software: 1)
Matlab TAM 203 Matlab samples,  
Working Model, for exploration, is at a few campus labs (info).

Old TAM 203 WWW pages:   spring 97,    spring 2000,    fall 2000,     spring 2002 (similar to fall 04, see prelims and final there)

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