TAM 203     Spring 2006   (Site updated on May 30, 2006)
Particle and Rigid Body Dynamics,            Official Cornell course description (pretty close)
Professor: Andy Ruina
All course schedules/assignments/information will be on this www site. There are no handouts.

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* (May 30) Thanks for a pleasant semester.
* (May 30) What did you think of the course? Here are all the course evaluations,
   comments and all. See here how what you write goes back to the faculty.
   If you see any simple messages for improvement in here, besides that I
   should write  subscripts more clearly, please let me know!
* (May 29) Final grades are in. Learn everything about your grade and how it was calculated
   here. You need to know your scores on the first prelim in order to find yourself. Please study
   this stuff before asking your TA questions about the grading. You can, for example, read
   and run the  Matlab program that calculated your grade. There was no mysterious fudging,
   its all right there.
* (March 7) Bill Nye pics at Smugmug.
* (Jan  6, 2006)  Welcome to TAM 203.

Homework assignments and solutions.

Who teaches what when: lecture, sections, labs, office hours, extra voluntary section.

Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.

  1. TS, Dynamics by Tongue and Sheppard
RP, Dynamics by Ruina & Pratap, online (hard copy available, ask Andy Ruina)
  3. BJ,
Beer and Johnston Statics 7th edition (The text used by TAM 202 in Fall 2005, on reserve in library)
Lab manual, see Labs page below

There are four, starting Monday January 30, 2006, structured like in TAM 202.

Matlab information

Old TAM 203 WWW pages (most with exams and solutions):   spring 97,    spring 2000,    fall 2000,     spring 02,   fall 04

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