Primary TEXTBOOK for TAM 203, Spring 2006

DYNAMICS: Analysis and Design of Systems in Motion
by Benson H. Tongue and Sheri D. Sheppard
John Wiley and Sons, 2005

This book has not been used at Cornell before Spring 2006.

This text has a supplementary www site. Your password is in a plastic envelope on the inside cover of your book. The first time you login do it on your own computer so you get a cookie that aids future logins. If you find anything especially useful on this site please let us know.

Known problems with the book (Please send errors you find to Andy Ruina).

1)  Errata supplied by publisher (right-click here to download this one page .pdf file).
2)  Computer card directions on inside cover not readable in some printings.
3) Sect 2.1, pgs 24-25: average not well defined, see bonus problem I.
4) Sample 2.10 on pages 40-41, solution incorrect, see bonus problem II solution.
5) Example 2.12, see student write-up of the issue.
6) Example 4.3, pages 196-7: he check should agree exactly with the main method, but doesn't.

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