TAM 2030, Spring 2013

Old news

2/8/13 (update): Piazza. To keep information flowing we will use Piazza (said to be better than Blackboard). News will mostly be there. We will assume you see all things there. Send your course questions and suggestions to Piazza. Please register (yes you if you haven't done it yet) by clicking on https://piazza.com/cornell/spring2013/tam2030/home. Then add TAM 2030 Dynamics.

1/20/2013: "Labs" start January 28, 2013. Actually, they aren't labs, but problem-solving sessions (There are no real labs this semester). Schedule is here.

1/11/2013: Class seating. The rows in Kimball B11 are narrow so climbing past people is awkward. When you come in, fill the front rows first. Move to the middle of your row. Please don't leave any empty seats between you and the nice strangers already sitting. Then, in the most friendly way possible, please invite people walking into your row to sit next to you.

12/27/12: Want to get ready forTAM 2030 before the semester starts?
a) Master statics. Make sure you can do all statics problems from ENGRD 2020, and read and understand the Ruina-Pratap Statics book (below).
b) Get comfortable with Matlab (loops, scripts, functions, plotting)
c) Review constant-coefficient 1st and 2nd order ODEs (e.g., the harmonic oscillator equation).