TAM 2030 Spring 2011 (Updated on May 24, 2011)
Course Coverage. Recorded grades are on Blackboard.


* 5/24 Final course evaluation. This is for people who want to learn from the good and bad
things we did this semester in this course.

Course survey. (27 page pdf file). This is from the 122/136 students who filled out the end-of-the semester
online survey conducted by the registrar. It includes extra questions about the book and
about the new 'problem sessions'.

ABET report. This 4-page pdf was written by Andy Ruina and Pranav Bhounsule on May 23, 2011.
ABET is a national accreditization organization for Engineering programs. ABET requires constant
self-assessment of courses. This is primarily written for future teachers of this or similar courses.

Syllabet. ABET and the Mechanical Engineering department both require that a given course be defined
by a mini-sillabus approved by the faculty. So this is really the official course description.

* 5/22   All grades of all students are posted here (by code name).

* 5/12   Final Exam and solutions.

* 5/9     Makeup exam and solutions.

* Old News

Course information

Homework assignments (syllabus), policies.
Staff and teaching Schedule:
lecture, sections, labs, office hours, graders, etc.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
Labs start January 31. Schedule.   
Problem sessions start January 31. Schedule.


1. Videos of all of this semester's lectures.
2. Textbook: Ruina and Pratap  available online and at Kraftees on College Ave.
4. Lab manual: pdf,     All source files (42 meg zip file, for those who want to further edit the manual).
5. i-clickers from campus store for lecture micro-quizes and polls.
6. Some Matlab samples (mostly lecture examples)

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(exam collection doesn't include Spring09)

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