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5/4/2011:  Lecture 28,  Double Pendulum problem, Robot Walking, End of Semester. Youtube  Download Video
5/2/2011:  Lecture 27,  multiple degree of freedom systems with constraints part 2, Flow chart for dynamics,  Youtube Download Video
4/28/2011:  Lecture 26,  Mechanics of mechanisms, multiple degree of freedom systems with constraints part 1,  Youtube  Download Video
4/26/2011:  Lecture 25,  Path coordinates, Bicycle example as seen in 2020, mechanics of  mechanisms part 1, Youtube Download Video
4/21/2011:  Lecture 24,  Relative Motion continued, 3 term velocity, 5 term acceleration, where they come from and examples of their use, Youtube  Download Video
4/19/2011:  Lecture 23,  Why we do what we do in dynamics, Relative Motion, 3 term velocity, 5 term acceleration, Youtube  Download Video
4/14/2011:  Lecture 22,  Rolling cylinder experiment, Bead on a stick (general polar coordinates), Generalized body coordinates, Youtube  Download Video
4/12/2011:  Lecture 21,  Falling rotating object,  disk within a cylinder, general polar coordinates, Youtube  Download Video
4/7/2011:  Lecture 20,  Review of rolling motion through a quiz, Collisions in multiple dimensions,  Youtube  Download Video
4/5/2011:  Lecture 19,  Review of rigid body motion,  Sliding film canister: experiment and analysis,  Youtube  Download Video
3/31/2011:  Lecture 18,  Theory of motion of a rigid body,  Experimental pendulum,  Examples of rigid motion in 2D,  Youtube  Download Video
3/29/2011: Lecture 17,  Rotation of rigid bodies in 2D, acceleration of a rigid body, wrapping your mind around cross products, beyond the point mass pendulum,  Youtube  Download Video
3/17/2011:  Lecture 16,  Rotation of rigid bodies in 2D, ode23, acceleration and velocity with regards to rigid rotation,  Youtube  Download Video
3/15/2011:  Lecture 15,  Rotations of planes,  Youtube  Download Video
3/9/2011:  Lecture 14,  Circular Motion: Unit Vectors, methods of derivation of equations of motion,  Youtube  Download Video
3/7/2011:  Lecture 13,  Car Problem cont'd, Laws of Mechanics, Beginning of Circular Motion,  Youtube  Download Video
3/3/2011:  Lecture 12,  Pulleys, Constrained motion in 1D, Basic Angular Momentum balance, Return of the Vectors, Youtube  Download Video
3/1/2011:  Lecture 11,  MATLAB of 2 body motion,  Runge-Kutta 2 method (rk2), Pulleys,  Youtube  Download Video
2/24/2011: Lecture 10,  Understanding Collisions, ODE's in MATLAB,  2-D 2 Body motion in space,  Youtube  Download Video
2/22/2011: Lecture 9,  Particle motion in multiple dimension sanity checks, Collisions in 2D  Youtube  Download Video
2/17/2011: Lecture 8,  Particle motion in multiple dimensions, Planet orbit example problem, Youtube  Download Video
2/15/2011: Lecture 7,  Interactions between masses, Collisions, Impulse Momentum, Coefficient of Restitution,  Youtube  Download Video
2/10/2011: Lecture 6,  Differential equations intuition, Continued MATLAB demonstration on using functions to segment the differential equation solver, Coupled Motion,  Youtube  Download Video
2/8/2011: Lecture 5, The harmonic Oscillator, in class MATLAB ODE demonstration,  Youtube  Download Video
2/3/2011: Lecture 4,  Iclicker registration, Conservation of Energy, Reversability of solutions in time, introduction to the Harmonic Oscillator,  Youtube  Download Video
2/1/2011: Lecture 3, 1D motion intuition, Introduction to energy approaches in 1D, Special cases for  Potential Energy,  Youtube  Download Video
1/27/2011: Lecture 2, Analytical and numerical approaches to viscous drag problem,  Youtube  Download Video
1/25/2011: Lecture 1, Introduction to Dynamics, 1D motion. Youtube  Download Video