TAM 2030 Dynamics, Spring 2013

Who teaches what when?

Pictures of TAM 2030 teaching staff.

Lectures:   Andy Ruina    Tues & Thurs  at  10:10 in Kimball B11. 607 327-0013
The class goes better if people crowd in the front (less need for loud voice, more rapport, able to write smaller on the blackboard). If you come early, please fight your claustrophobias and please sit in the middle of a frontish row. Try to avoid creating empty seats in the middle. That way people who come later don't have to climb over you to get to an empty seat. Even if you come late please don't sit in the back. Best is if the front rows are packed and the back rows or so are totally empty. Just want to casually look on in a detached manner? Please do that from a front row.

Head TA: Matthew Kelly (mpk72)

Graduate TAs: Lorraine Weis (lmw236), Kevin Kircher (kjk82), Malika Grayson (mg848), Huichan Zhao (hz282)

Undergraduate TAs: Ryan Gryszko     reg98, Alex Masetti   awm62, Varun Natraj  vrn3@cornell.ed

Graders: Michael Mehallow   mjm468,  Matthew Pizzonia   mhp56, Lijia Wang  lw344, Joong Gon Yim  jy347

Free Tutor: (contact if you want help): Katie McQuade    kam358@cornell.edu


Office Hours in the Conway room, Thurston 102
Any student can go to any of these (check for updates/changes)
Ending on the last day of classes. Finals week office hours posted on Piazza.

Day     time           Staff
Mon: 10-12    Kircher,
         12-1     Mehallow
           1-2      Natraj
          2-3      Ruina
          3-5       Kelly
      4:30-5:30 Natraj
      5:30-7     Weis
          7-9      Grayson

Tues 9-10      Weis
       11-12:45       Kelly
        1 - 2:30 Kircher
        2 - 4       Zhao
        4 - 4:45 Gryszko
      5:30 - 10   Students can help each other in the office hours room

Wed 10-11   Natraj
         5-6:30 Weis
         7-8      Natraj

Thurs 9-10 Weis
1:30-2:30   Weis
3:30-4:30  Natraj
5-6:30      Weis

Fri 11-1:30 Masetti
1:30-2:30    Pizzonia
2:30-3:30    Wang

Sat 12-2:30      Gryszko

Sun 12-1:30 Gryszko

Finals week office hours (Thurston 102, posted on Piazza).

On Wednesdays, starting Wednesday January 23.

#       time     room        TA          Grader           Grader office hours in Conway room
203   9:05     Ho 320      Weis        Matt P.           Friday 1:30 - 2:30
205   9:05     Ho 314      Kelly       Matt P.           Friday 1:30 - 2:30
204  10:10    Th  203     Kircher     Mike              Monday 12 - 1
202  12:20    Ho 401      Kircher    Mike              Monday 12 - 1
206  12:20    Ho 320      Zhao        Lijia               Friday 2:30 - 3:30
201    1:25    Th 205      Grayson    Lijia               Friday 2:30 - 3:30

Labs are problem sessions:
These sessions meet 4 times per semester at the day and time scheduled by the registrar.
The 4 dates of your lab are posted here. They last 2 hours.

Day     time     room        TA
Mon    12:20    Th 204      Kelly
Mon      2:30    Th 204      Natraj
Tues      2:30    Th 201      Grayson
Wed     12:20   Th 204      Masetti
Thurs     2:30    Th 204      Zhao
Fri        12:20   Th 204      Gryszko
Sat       12:20   Th 204       Masetti     Makeup session. Email for permission first:  awm62@cornell.edu


Logistics Supervisor: David Hartino <david.hartino@cornell.edu>

Management (undergrads can ignore this):

Staff meeting: Friday 10:10, Thurston 204

Staff emails:
Andy Ruina ruina@cornell.edu,
Matthew Kelly <mpk72@cornell.edu>,
Lorraine Weis <lmw236@cornell.edu>,
Kevin Kircher <kjk82@cornell.edu>,
Malika Grayson <graysonmalika@gmail.com>,
Ryan Gryszko <reg98@cornell.edu>,
Michael Mehallow <mjm468@cornell.edu>,
Matthew Pizzonia <mhp56@cornell.edu>
Varun Natraj <vrn3@cornell.edu>,
Huichan Zhao <hz282@cornell.edu>,
Lijia Wang <lw344@cornell.edu>,
Alex Masetti <awm62@cornell.edu>,
Katie McQuade <kam358@cornell.edu>

Write email to Andy Ruina