File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
abs_enc.c [code]Absolute Encoder module
abs_enc.h [code]
adc_external.c [code]The new adc_external module
adc_external.h [code]
adc_internal.c [code]Module for using the internal analog to digital converters on the LPC2194/01 microprocessor
adc_internal.h [code]
async_scheduler.c [code]Simple asynchronous scheduler
async_scheduler.h [code]
B10A_router_leds.c [code]
B10A_router_leds.h [code]
button.c [code]Simple button sensor readings for the UI board
button.h [code]
buzzer.c [code]Control of the buzzer on the UI board
buzzer.h [code]
can.c [code]
can.h [code]
can_isr.c [code]
can_ring.c [code]
can_rx.c [code]
can_ssp_router.h [code]
can_test.c [code]
can_test.h [code]
can_tx.c [code]
can_types.c [code]
csr_can_tx.c [code]
csr_clock.c [code]
csr_leds.c [code]
csr_router.c [code]
csr_ssp.c [code]
data_nexus.c [code]
data_nexus.h [code]
error.c [code]This module provides error reporting capabilities to other modules
error.h [code]
can_test_project/src/hardware_setup.c [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/hardware_setup.c [code]
can_test_project/src/hardware_setup.h [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/hardware_setup.h [code]
heartbeat.c [code]A simple file for periodic function calls either based on a timestamp or on a count
heartbeat.h [code]
heelstrike.c [code]
heelstrike.h [code]
includes.h [code]
interrupts.h [code]
lcd.c [code]The LCD module controls the LCD screen on the UI board
lcd.h [code]
limit_switch.c [code]Software limit switches
limit_switch.h [code]
can_test_project/src/local_headers.h [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/local_headers.h [code]
lpc2194def.h [code]
can_test_project/src/main.c [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/main.c [code]
mcu_led.c [code]Controls for the microcontroller LEDs on satellite boards
mcu_led.h [code]
microstrain_imu.c [code]Control code for the Microstrain IMU on the UI board
microstrain_imu.h [code]
motor_controller.c [code]Motor controlling functions for use on the B2A motor controller boards
motor_controller.h [code]
mutex.c [code]A simple mutex in C
mutex.h [code]
qec.c [code]A Quadrature Encoder Controller
qec.h [code]
ranger_os.h [code]Includes all necessary operating system files for version 0.1 of the RangerOS
rc_receive.c [code]This file decodes the values coming from the RC module on the UI board from 4 channels
rc_receive.h [code]
can_test_project/src/Retarget.c [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/Retarget.c [code]
can_test_project/src/software_setup.c [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/software_setup.c [code]
can_test_project/src/software_setup.h [code]
ssp_router2/can_ssp_router_test_project/src/software_setup.h [code]
song.c [code]A song playing module
song.h [code]
UART.c [code]Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit controls for use with printf and other stdio functions
UART.h [code]
uart_int.c [code]Interrupt driven UART communications for better (less cpu time) over serial
uart_int.h [code]
ui_led.c [code]
ui_led.h [code]
ui_sync_led.c [code]Providing control of the flash synchronize LED on the UI board since 2010
ui_sync_led.h [code]
utility.c [code]Lots of useful board independent functions for use in any module, such as conversions from float to int (bits, not number), and fixed point number functions
utility.h [code]
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