Math 293 Old email, Fall 1996

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Note that sometimes newer messages update or correct older messages.
msg1.  9 _5_96   welcome, listserve commands, how to download DFIELD
msg2.  9 _7_96   syllabus catastrophe?: partial derivatives
msg3.  9 _9_96   HW3
msg4.  9 _9_96   mail with DFIELD etc attached (not attached here)
msg4b. 9 _9_96   DFIELD tip for UPSON users: (trash MEX files)
msg5.  9 _9_96   corrected sections and office hours
msg6.  9_10_96   list-serve archive tips
msg7.  9_10_96   Announcing this WWW page
msg8.  9_13_96   HW3 correction, tip
msg9   9_16_96   Text errors: g  = 10m/s^2 (approx),  infinity isn't times.
msg10  9_17_96   HW4
msg11  9_19_96   new office hrs,  old 293,294 exams
msg12  9_20_96   Prelim 1 information
msg13  9_23_96   Chapter 3 reading (what to read, what to skip)
msg14  9_24_96   HW5
msg15  9_30_96   MATLAB this and that (books in, look at WWW, text 'error')
msg16  10_2_96   HW 6 promo, guide to what you need to know about matrices.
msg17  10_3_96   REGRADE policy. Comments on P1 solutions (error correction and comment).
msg18  10_4_96   HW6
msg19  10_6_96   HW6 clarification, what to hand in?
msg20  10_7_96   HW7 (due in section instead of wed)
msg21  10_8_96   HW7 (due after break, not on Oct 10/11)
msg22  10_10_96  Row reduction issues for HW7.
msg23  10_15_96  HW8
msg24  10_18_96  MATLAB Presidential Parden
msg25  10_21_96  Prel 2 info, syllabus change, E&P CH 6 readings.
msg26  10_21_96  HW9  (due 10/30/96)
msg27  10_27_96  HW10 (due 11/6/96)
msg28  11_3_96   HW11 (due 11/13/96)
msg29  11_11_96  HW12 (due 11/20/96)
msg30  11_14_96  Prelim 3 information
msg31  11_15_96  formulas for integrals, old exam info.
msg32  11_19_96  HW13, syllabus change
msg33  11_20_96  Electronic course survey general info
msg34  11_20_96  Grade medians so far
msg35  11_24_96  Thanksgiving lecture, more about syllabus
msg36  11_25_96  HW14 (due 12/4/96), surface plot directions
msg37  12_2_96   HW15 ('due' 12/11/96) on curl and div
msg38  12_4_96   Electronic Course Survey: how to do it
msg39  12_4_96   Final Exam Information
msg40  12_5_96   Lecture error on ODEs, MATLAB and eigenthings
msg41  12_7_96   Finals week office hours, review session (updated 12/10/96)
msg42  12_24_96   Grades and final exam scores for all students (coded).

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