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Statics and Mechanics of Solids, Official Cornell course description
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* (Jan 18, 03) Final examsolutions, and  grading comments are posted.
* (Dec 23, 02) All manner of grade data and statistics are in this .zip folder. To open the .xls file therein first open Excel, then view all files, then open. The exact details of how your grade was computed are in the 'readme', 'excel' and 'matlab' files there. If you can't decompress that .zip file you can at least find all our grade data for you, including your final exam score, and your final letter grade in this .html file.
* (Jan 18, 03) You can look at your graded exam in Thurston 206 but can not keep it. When you go to look at your exam please bring with you a copy of the solutions and grading comments.

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General course information

Syllabus: lecture, reading and homework schedule. HW guidelines. HW solutions.
Who teaches what when: lectures, sections, office hours, extra voluntary section.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
 1)  Meriam and Kraige, Statics, 5th Ed;
       1a) OPTIONAL. Ruina and Pratap Statics (1st four chapters). From Gnomon Copy or download.
       2)   Gere, Mechanics of Materials, 5th Ed; (this will be in stock by the time we need it).
       3)  lab manual (on line). Other books are available for reference on reserve in Carpenter Library.
There are four in the semester.
as useful or needed. Getting Started With Matlab, An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers by Rudra Pratap covers as much as you need for this course. Matlab is available in all public labs. The Student edition is sold in the campus store. Cornell also has a special Annual license for a full version with many toolboxe for $140 per year.

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Miscellaneous Things Related to TAM 202 content

*  "Why the Towers Fell" from Public TV. This www site alludes to various 202 concepts.
*  Collegetown bridge puzzle  (with solution)
*  Trusses are everywhere, including at the kitchen sink.
*  The Swedish ship Vasa sank because the builders didn't pay enough attention to its center of gravity.
*  Will a bucket of water tip over?
 Rod Lakes negative Poisson ratio foam.
*  The Hyatt Regency collapse (see Figure 5)
*  http://www.trampofoil.com.    Puzzle.
*  Ship failures in bending:    1     2  (NY Times membership is free if you don't have it.)
*  Too much bending compliance as a problem in itself:  Millenium bridge     Takoma Narrows Bridge

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