TAM 202, Fall 2002
Who teaches what when. Updated 12/5/02

Weekly office hours in the Conway Mechanics Study Room, Thurston 102
(Starting Monday Sept 2, ending Dec 9)

    Sunday 3    -  5   : Peeush Bhargava
           7    -  9   : Joe Burns
    Monday 1:30 -  3:30: Don Conway
           2:30 -  4:30: Tian Tang
           4:30 -  6:30  Pankaj Porwal
           6:30 -  8:30: Vijay Muralidharan
           8:30 - 10:30: Bao Zhongping
    Wed    2:30 -  4:30: Andy Ruina
           4:30 -  5:30  Andy Ruina (in Statics lab, "extra section")
End-of-semester office-hours (in Thurston 102):
   Wed    Dec 11    2-4 PM  Peeyush
   Thurs  Dec 12    3-5 PM  Tian
   Fri    Dec 13    4-6 PM  Vijay
   Sat    Dec 14    3-5 PM  Pankaj
   Sun    Dec 15    3-5 PM  Bao
   Mon    Dec 16    3-5 PM  Burns
   Mon    Dec 16    8-10 PM Ruina  in Kimball B-11 (question and answer)

Extra optional section, all students welcome: Andy Ruina
Wed 4:30-5:20,
Thurston 101a (the Statics lab room)
Section to discuss any (try me) new or review or other topics of interest to those attending.
If you would like to attend but the time is bad, please let us know.

Lectures (attend either, no need to change registration):
Joe Burns (jab16@cornell.edu), Andy Ruina (ruina@cornell.edu),
Mon, Wed 10:10-11:00 in Thurston 203 (NOT Kimball B11)
         11:15-12:05 in Kimball B11

Recitation Sections (starting Thursday Aug 29):
# Day Time Room TA
Grader 1 Thurs 9:05 - 9:55 HO 401 Vijayanand Muralidharan Si Jing Ng
2 Thurs 10:10 - 11:00 UP 111 Zhongping Bao Edward Chen
8 Thurs 10:10 - 11:00 UP 205 Tian Tang Edward Chen
3 Thurs 11:15 - 12:05 UP 211 Tian Tang Si Jing Ng
4 Fri 9:05 - 9:55 UP 109 Zhongping Bao Guozhi Foo
5 Fri 10:10 - 11:00 HO 306 Peeyush Bhargava H
ongwen Boon Goh
6 Fri 11:15 - 12:05 HO 401 Pankaj Kumar Porwal Guozhi Foo
7 Fri 12:20 - 1:10 UP 207 Pankaj Kumar Porwal Si Jing Ng
9 Fri 1:25 - 2:15 PH 213 Vijayanand Muralidharan Hongwen Boon Goh

Labs: on a separate WWW page.

Staff list:
Joseph Burns jab16 (lectures)
Andy Ruina alr3 (lectures) Zhongping Bao          zb22 (TA) Tian Tang               tt88 (TA) Pankaj Kumar Porwal    pkp2 (TA) Vijayanand Muralidharan vm45 (TA) Peeyush Bhargava       pb83 (half TA) Dan Mittler            dm68 (Organizer of labs and lab scheduling). Hongwen Boon Goh hg36 (grader)
Guozhi Foo gf28 (grader) Edward Chen ejc26 (grader)
Si Jing Ng sn87 (grader) Harry "Don" Conway (office hours)

Information for staff reference (students should ignore all stuff below)

Staff meeting
(weekly, for profs, TAs, and graders: Graders who can't make it should pass information through the others)
Wednesday 1:15 - 1:45, 209 Kimball, Burns Office

Prelim I- October 1, 2002: All but Peejush proctor. Bao, Tang &Porwal grade. Bao gets key for Hollister B14.
Prelim II- November 5, 2002 (All but PB proctor) (Vijay, PB, Porwal grade)
Final- December 17 (All proctor) (Bao, Tang, Vijay, Burns & Bhargava grade)
Prelims should be available to hand back 9 days after the prelim.
The final should be graded within 48 hours.

End of semester work schedule:
Dec 9:   Prelim makeup.                Joe writes, administers and grades,
or delegates.
Dec 10: Homework exam for C-. Andy writes, administers, and grade
or delegates.
Dec 11: Andy and Joe turn late exam grades over to TAs.
Dec 11: Andy turns over to TAs the list of students who completed the
course evaluation (adds 1 point to grade).
Dec 12: Last homework grades given by graders to TAs.
Dec. 12: TAs prepare final grade sheets in a common excel format. All blanks must be filled in as zeros.
Scores should be raw, with no grader normalizations.
Files should be sent to zhongping, zb22.
Dec 13: noon. All TAs and homework graders meet with spreadsheets and
all records. All descrepencies are corrected.
Dec 13: 4 PM. All corrected files are sent to bao.
Dec 13: 6 PM. Bao sends a grand file to ruina.
Dec 13: midnight. Ruina posts all grades on www, sorted by prelim grades with no
names showing. Students then check their grades and report errors
to their TAS, with documentation if needed.
Dec 17: 8:30 AM. TAs and faculty meet at Kimball 212.
Dec 17: 9 AM. Final exam. All staff proctor. Burns and Ruina write together.
Dec. 20: 5 PM. Final exam grading is done.
Dec 20: 6:30 PM. All exam scores are entered by TAs in excel sheet with corrections from students. files are sent to bao. Bao would like TAs with him to help check for errors.
Dec 20: 9 PM Grand Excel file is sent by bao to ruina. Check by phone that Andy got the file. No blanks. No errors. Dec. 21 2 PM, All TAs meet at 227 Bryant Ave
Ruina will have calculated grades and distribution plots. All work on preparing the final grade sheet for the whole class.
Dec. 21 5 PM Print out of grades approved by all TAs.
From this point on Andy takes care of things with Sreemati.

Write to TAM 203 Staff