TAM 202, Fall 2002, Joe Burns (jab16), Andy Ruina (alr3).

Academic integrity: Read this carefully. Violators will be prosecuted.

You must follow all posted rules for exams. For labs and homework you must be perfectly clear about what work is not strictly your own. That is, clearly write on the top of the homework and lab, and at every occurrence, what help you got from what people or sources (with the exception of help from lecture, section, lab meeting, and assigned readings which you need not explicitly acknowledge). You may cooperate with other students in any way you like on the homework and the labs. But you must fully and clearly spell out that cooperation. Examples of help you must acknowledge include: help from students in and out of the class, tips you got in office hours, help from people not in the class, homework solutions from previous semesters, posted homework solutions from this semester (if they are available to you), internet sources, etc. If, for example, Sally Jones showed you how to do the problem from start to end you should write "Sally Jones showed me how to do this problem from start to end."   

email to Andy Ruina <ruina@cornell.edu>