TAM 2020 Summer 2011(Updated on June 15, 2011)
Statics and Strength of Materials (about).

Course information is here.

News (Old News)

* This course (syllabus and homework) is a copy of that in TAM 2020 from fall 2010.

* Lectures are on video. You MUST watch lecture videos before the corresponding recitation.
Each recitation will start with a quiz testing whether you saw the video or not.

General course information

Lectures: The virtual  Andy Ruina, see video access directions below.

Virtual office hours w/ Andy: at 8:30 AM most days starting July 5. Schedule to be announced.
Andy will send an invitation to a computer meeting at about 8:25. You join the meeting.
Please get a headset for your computer, at a minimum you need earphones to supress echo.

Recitation, labs, exams:
M-F, 11:30 - 1:45 (All are required).
Thurston 205, 102, 101 as announced in recitations.

Real office hours: 2-3 every day, Thurston 102

 James Melfi, jm939@cornell.edu, 603-205-4601

Homework assignments (syllabus), policies.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.


1. Videos of lectures. With rough notes. Select Spring 2011 and select the top course.
2. Textbook1 (first half of course): Ruina and Pratap  available online. Hard copy available from Kraftees at the Collegetown traffic light for about $35.
3. Textbook2
(2nd half of course): Statics and Mechanics of Materials by Beer and Johnston. You could use any book called   Strength (or Mechanics) of Materials  (or Solids) published in the last 20 years by Beer and Johnston, Meriam, Hibbeler, Geer, or ...
4. Lab Manual (Only the first 3 labs from the manual: Tension, Truss, Bending.    No buckling, no Lab 0).
5. Summary of the whole course on one page. Please suggest additions or changes.

Some other old TAM 202 WWW pages:     Spring 2001     Fall 2002     Spring 2003     Fall 2010
(with some exams and solutions)

email to Andy Ruina <ruina@cornell.edu>