TAM 2020 Fall 2010 (Updated on Dec 28, 2010)
Statics and Strength of Materials (about)

Course information is here. Student grades are on Blackboard.

News (Old News)

* 12/28 What did you think of the course? Here are the course survey results: Lecture 1    and    Lecture 2. I read through all and pulled out a few consistent actionable messages: No one would mind more answers in the backs of the books. No one would mind homeworks coming back sooner and being recorded more accurately. If you see any other trends you think I (Andy) should and could act on, please let me know.

* 12/14 Final Exam and solutions are posted. To see your exam make an appointment with your TA. You can look, even have a photocopy, but not have the original. You will get the most out such a look if you master the relevant problems first.

* 12/13 Your final grade is X. Here is everything you want to know about X.

General course information

Homework assignments (syllabus), policies.
Staff and teaching Schedule:
lecture, sections, labs, office hours, graders, etc.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
Labs start September 13.


1. Videos of lectures. With rough notes. (Videos from off campus.)
2. Textbook1 (first half of course): Ruina and Pratap  available online. Hard copy available from Kraftees at the Collegetown traffic light for about $35.
3. Textbook2
(2nd half of course): Low cost printing of parts of Statics and Mechanics of Materials by Beer and Johnston. About $85 at Kraftees and at the campus store.  There is a reserve copy of Textbook2 in the library. You could use any book called   Strength (or Mechanics) of Materials  (or Solids) published in the last 20 years by Beer and Johnston, Meriam, Hibbeler, Geer, or ...
4. Lab Manual (Only the first 3 labs from the manual: Tension, Truss, Bending.    No buckling, no Lab 0).
5. i-clickers from campus store for lecture micro-quizes and polls.
6. Summary of the whole course on one page. Please suggest additions or changes.
7. Singularity functions. Some notes.

Some old TAM 202 WWW pages:     Spring 2001     Fall 2002     Spring 2003   (with some exams and solutions)

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