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ENGRD 202 is now 4 credits and 3 lectures per week (starting Spring 2003)

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5/19/03: Final grades are posted here (.zipped folder with README file, Excel spreadsheet of all grades, and Matlab grade calculations)


1) M=Meriam and Kraige, Statics, 5th Ed;
1a) OPTIONAL. RP=Ruina and Pratap Statics (1st four chapters). From Gnomon Copy or download.
2) G=Gere, Mechanics of Materials, 5th Ed; (for 2nd half of semester).
3) lab manual (on line).
4) Other relevant "Statics" and "Strength of Materials" books are on reserve in Carpenter Library
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There are no paper handouts in this class. All course information will be on these www pages. Please check
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