TAM 202, Spring 2003

Old News

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5/14/03: Final exam problems and solutions posted

5/14/03: Course evaluation directions posted on final page

5/08/03: Check your recorded grades here

5/08/03: The notes have been updated

5/06/03: Homework 15 solutions posted

5/05/03: Left-handed students should go to Kimball B11 for the final exam for seats with left-handed desks.

5/01/03: Final exam information posted here

5/01/03: Quiz 7 problems and solutions posted

4/28/03: The lecture notes have been updated. Homework 14 solutions posted.

4/27/03: The scores we have through HW12 and Q12 are posted here. Find your scores by looking at the data in the Matlab file. If you know your first few quiz scores you can find all your scores. Run the .m file to see a distribution plot and do any statistical analysis that pleases you.

4/23/03: The solutions for homework 13 have been posted.

4/23/03: Please also note that there is a slight change in the date and time for the last quiz of this semester. The quiz will be held on Wednesday, April 30th at 9am to 10am (slightly more time than usual)

2/26/03: The Ruina/Pratap book as previously posted had no section on center of mass. A section on Center of Mass has been added and you can download it here.

4/21/03: Quiz 6 comments added

4/20/03: Quiz 6 problems and solutions up, now added to homework due April 22nd

4/17/03: The notes have been updated

4/15/03: Homework 12 solutions posted

4/09/03: Quiz 5 solutions updated with an alternative approach to question 10.

4/08/03: Answers to homework 11 posted.

4/06/03: New plots and stats file posted. Also note that quiz 5 has been added to the homework 11 (due April 8). The lecture notes have also been updated.

4/05/03: Please note that information regarding lab 4 has been posted on a new page. See below for link.

4/04/03: Quiz 5 problems and solutions posted

4/01/03: Homework 10 solutions up

3/31/03: For those who need help on friction, you can download some comments here

3/25/03: Quiz 4, homework 9 solutions posted, notes updated.

3/23/03: The first 4 quiz and first 7 homework scores we have recorded are in a file you can see. The data part of the file is sorted so you can look up your row if you know your first few quiz scores. Your homework score, for now, is the sum of your six best homeworks out of the first seven, divided by 18. We thus have 9 scores for each student (2 scores from each of 4 quizzes and one HW). A March 23 grade status guess is made by taking, for each student, the average of their best 4 scores of these 9. The median for this is 8.7. The best 100 of the 113 students in the class are fairly uniformly distributed between scores of 7.5 and 10. You can see this and anything else you would like to calculate by using or changing the file here.

3/22/03: Quiz 4 comments and final exam room assignments posted

3/12/03: Quiz 4 problems, extra homework questions posted (please note: the extra questions are for homework 9)

3/11/03: Homework 8 solutions posted

3/7/03: Notes now contain material up to 7th March.

3/5/03: Quiz statistics can be viewed by running the matlab file posted under Exams

3/4/03: Homework 7 solutions posted

3/1/03: Quiz 3 problems, solutions and comments posted

2/26/03: Lecture notes updated

2/25/03: Homework 6 solutions posted

2/22/03: The section 6(Fri 11.15-12.05) has been shifted to TH202 from OH 216

2/18/03 The class median for the average of the best two of the first 4 quiz problems is 7.0. More stats and a distribution plot for the class quiz performance are at the bottom of the exams and grading page.

2/18/03: Homework 5 solutions posted

2/14/03: Quiz 2 problems, solutions, comments posted

2/13/03: The lecture notes have been updated. They now contain material up to 5th Feb.

2/11/03: Homework 4 solutions, comments posted

2/07/03: Quiz 1 problems, solutions and comments posted

2/05/03: If you did not receive your homework back in section, you can find them in a box in Thurston 102

2/04/03: Quiz 0, Homework 3 solutions and Homework 2 comments posted

2/03/03: Quiz 4, originally scheduled for Friday March 14th, has been rescheduled to Wednesday March 12th

2/03/03: Lecture notes posted on Syllabus page

1/31/03: Quiz 0 problems posted on Syllabus page

1/30/03: Homework 2 Solution posted

1/28/03: Homework 1 Comments posted

1/21/03: Homeworks 1, 2 and 3 have been posted on the Syllabus page.

1/21/03: The Lab Schedule has been updated. Please check your lab dates.

1/18/03: If you did not get a welcoming email from Andy Ruina on Jan 18, 2003 please write to him to get on the course email list

01/10/03: Welcome to the course webpage for TAM 202, Spring 2003. Please read all pages here.

Note: first homework is due Tuesday Jan 21 by noon in Thurston 102.