TAM 202, Spring 2003

Final Exam Information

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The final exam on Wed May 14 at 9 AM is in three rooms:

Sections 1, 2 & 6 Kimball B11
Section 3 Thurston 205
Section 4 Thurston 203

Please bring no notes or books to your seat. Please sit in columns separated by one seat. Please think clearly and hard and do well.

Final days office hours.

The review session in Thurston 203 these will be in the Conway room, Thurston 102. If the groups get large the room may be moved, but a note will then be left on the blackboard.

Date Time Place TA Event
May 5 Mon 3:00-5:00PM TH102 Hui Chen office hours
May 6 Tue 3:00-5:00PM TH102 Charles Tempest office hours
May 7 Wed 1:00-2:00PM TH102 Andy Ruina office hours - top students Q&A
May 7 Wed 2:00-4:00PM TH102 Andy Ruina office hours - normal office hours
May 7 Wed 4:00-5:00PM TH102 Andy Ruina office hours - struggling students Q & A
May 8 Thu 2:00-4:00PM TH102 Tian Tang office hours
May 9 Fri 2:00-4:00PM TH102 Tian Tang office hours
May 10 Sat 3:00-5:00PM TH102 Charles Tempest office hours
May 11 Sun. 6:00-8:00PM TH205 Vijay Muralidharan review session
May 12 Mon 7:00-9:00PM TH102 Peeyush Bhargava office hours
May 13 Tue. 5:00-7:00PM TH102 Vijay Muralidharan office hours
May 13 Tue 7:00-9:00PM TH102 Peeyush Bhargava office hours

Ruina's session from 1-2 Wed is only for non-struggling top students, people who have something to ask that goes beyond the usual. A+ type students, or people who think like that. Here's a place you can ask your real questions in the presence of other nerds.

Ruina's session from 4-5 is only for students who are really struggling and fear not getting credit in the class. Here you need not fear that your questions are too elementary.

3) The final exam will have various things including:

a) short answer questions that you can get right if you know things that a practicing engineer would know and that are also in at least one of these places: lab, lecture, homework, text, or recitations. But not necessarily like homework problems. Maybe multiple choice, true or false, short numerical answer, or something like the "what's wrong with this free body diagram?" quiz question.

b) a question very similar to one of the quiz questions.

c) a question very similar to one of the homework questions.

d) material from the last day of lectures.

There may be questions on anything covered in any part of the course, though the emphasis will be on problems with content like the homework, quiz and recitation and lecture examples.

4) The final exam is closed book, closed notes, etc.

However, the attached formula sheet will be provided by us for you at the exam (you don't need your own printout). Please
let me know by Wednesday May 7 if you would like that sheet changed in any way. No questions about that sheet, its content, its usefulness or lack thereof, will be answered at the final exam. So learn it before the exam.

5) There will eventually be a course evaluation. It will be on-line. You get a bonus point (1/100) on your final grade for completing it.Totally anonymous but we will know if you did it or not. In preparation think about things you liked, didn't like, and that you think could be improved in this course.

1) Go to http://courseval.cornell.edu
2) Enter your net ID (something like abc12)
3) Your password is your net ID (NOT your Cornell password)
4) Click on submit
5) Click on take the survey for this class
4) Agree to all pop ups if they happen
(helps make a secure connection)
5) Complete the evaluation
(remember to select your section TA and lab TA)
6) If you start but then decide you don't want to do the evaluation
just close the window instead of clicking on "submit Querry" at the
bottom. Then start the process again later.
7) Write thoughtful comments in the text boxes.
(I will read all of them.)
8) Click on submit query (at the bottom)

If you have any trouble contact the student who built the evaluation www site.
Michael Sorokorensky ms264@cornell.edu
If you have comments about the implementation details you can email Michael
and/or me or include your comments in your anonymous evaluation