Math 293 Minimalist Home Page, Fall 1996

Its too late to complete the electronic Course survey. The course password was math293eval. (You can still evaluate the fictiticious course eng 999 if you want to try out the system. If you have technical problems please send e-mail to dms27 so Derek Streeter, who is maintaining the software, can fix them.)

If you know your scores on your three prelims you can look up your final exam score and your course grade (as of 12/24/96). msg42 12_24_96 Grades and final exam scores for all students (coded).

Course staff. (names, initials, room, email, phone)
Homework assignments, policy, and academic integrity.
Office hours. (when and where)
Syllabus. (when we cover what topics and what parts of what books)
Grading. (Final grade determination. How much work to get by.)
Sections. (schedule only)
Text books.
MATLAB etc. (MATLAB policy, programs and samples, and TERREL'S DE)
Messages. (New news and old news and how to use the list-serve)
Home pages from previous math 293 and 294, some old exams.

If you have suggestions for improving this page send email to with '293homepage' in the subject line.