Math 293 General Policies and grading, fall 1996

General Policies and grading

Exams and Grading: There will be 3 prelims and a comprehensive final exam. Your semester's homework grade will replace your lowest prelim grade if it helps. Your course grade will be based on a number scaled with these weights:
            +Prelims/homework (65%) 
            +Final exam       (35%)
            +TA bonus         (5% max) + other bonuses
            =Total            (100 some %).
Homeworks and prelims will be rescaled to a common median and compensation will be made for differences in TA grading.

Work load: We expect that a 50 percentile student (in background and ability) working for a B- grade will spend an average of about 6 hours per week doing homework and about two hours (averaged through the semester) on prelim and exam studying. That is, the median out-of-class work load for the median student is expected to be about 8 hours per week.

293 homework policy, academic integrity, and assignments