Math 293 Homework and academic integrity, Fall 1996


Please follow these guidelines. We will not be sympathetic to complaints about our grading of work that does not follow them.

Sorting: To help us with sorting please clearly print the following information on the top right corner of your STAPLED homework pages (with appropriate substitutions for the text in capitals):

  ta: TALASTNAME, Section #  N,  DAY, TIME
  Homework N  due wed MONTH/DAY/96  
  Math 293
What: Each week you will be asked to hand in 2 to 4 problems. Additionally you must make sure you can do the routine problems associated with the course material. We are not asking you to hand in these routine problems but you should do as many of them as you need to be assured of your competence.

Not all homework will be graded carefully because of limited TA time.

When: Assignments will be passed out in lecture or distributed by email, generally on Mondays (The first assignment was passed out on Friday 8/30/96 and is due Wednesday 9/4/96). Homework assignments are due on Wednesdays in lecture. Partial Solutions will be passed out in lectures on Fridays.

Style of Work: All work should be clearly presented. The work should make sense on its own, without reference to the initial problem statement. The problem, your reasoning, and the answer you give must be easy to find and follow by both an amateur and an expert.

In general when you use MULTIPLE METHODS to solve a given problem or when you are asked to 'CHECK' your solution or 'COMPARE' solutions, you should be very clear about exactly what features do or do not compare or check in what way and why. You need to communicate to the reader, as if the reader did not know the subject, what is to be observed about the similarity or difference in the solutions and what that does or does not indicate in the particular problem at hand or in general. Sometimes there are blatent errors that could be caught. Sometimes there are subtle issues that could be discussed.

You are encouraged to work with others on homework. You will learn more by explaining to and learning from other students. State clearly on the front of your homework, and in your homework text, what help you have received and from whom (including faculty, TAs, friends and books), no credit will be taken away from you for receiving help, but not clearly acknowledging help is a violation of the code of academic integrity.

Who: For every page of computer work you turn in, you should have the computer write your name. That is, include your name in program comments, figure titles, data tables, etc. Use a highlight pen or colored underline to help your TA find your name in this output.

Academic Integrity

What is it? The standards of academic integrity are explained in various Cornell documents. A common theme is that you must not represent work as your own which is not your own, that is you must acknowledge (cite) all information you use to do your work. This includes clearly identifying, faculty, TAs, students, notes, or books which you used to do your work, and the nature of the help that you received.

Really. Students caught violating the code will be taken through the academic integrity violations procedures and penalties. If you feel that the code of academic integrity is not being maintained please let us know how. You may tell us anonymously and you need not name or implicate anyone.

Homework assignments

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