Math 293 Office hours, Fall 1996

Office Hours

Whether you are a student struggling to excel or scraping to get by, you are encouraged to get help at office hours as well as from the math resource center in the basement of White Hall. You may learn more if you think about a problem for a while before getting help. If you need remedial or tutorial help you might also get this from other students or through tutoring set up at the engineering advising office in Olin Hall. If you are catching on quickly please sharpen your skills further by helping others.

Office hours (as of 10/27/96).

 Monday     Tuesday     Thursday
 3-5  BT    2-4  AW     1:00-5:00  AR   
 3-5  AR    4-6  EV     5:00-7:00  KS
 5-7  TK    6-8  JA
 7-9  SM

All office hours in Thurston 102,  except BT's which are in White 401a. 
(What is above is the same as the course information  sheet except 
TKs Monday 1-3 office hours were  moved to tuesday 3-5, 
AR added monday 3-5 office hours, and
the room was changed from Kimball 225 to Thurston 102.)