Friction and Fracture


Infinite friction and the no-slip boundary condition. Lecture in Banff 2014. 30 min. Video

Slip Instability and State Variable Friction Laws (PDF)

Ruina, A.
JGR, 88, B12, 10,359-10,370, Dec 1983

Some Theory and Experiments Related to Frictional Behavior of Rocks at Low Normal Stress (PDF)

Ruina, A., Katzman, Y., Conrad, G., Horowitz, F.
Accepted to Pure and Appied Geophysics Sept 1986, "in revision" since then.

Slip Patterns In A Spatially Homogeneous Fault Model (PDF)

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Stability of Steady Frictional Slipping (PDF)

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Friction laws and Instabilities (Ph.D. Thesis) (PDF)

Ruina, A.
Brown University, 1981
Net friction force and moment at a planar contact with rate-independent though possibly anisotropic friction: sliding disks etc.

The papers below include discussion of the dynamics of a sliding hockey puck and such like. These papers and the references therein seem to cover much of what is in the more recent papers, written without knowledge of this work: 1) Frictional Coupling between Sliding and Spinning Motion, Zénó Farkas, Guido Bartels, Tamás Unger, and Dietrich E.Wolf, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90:24, 248302 (20 June 2003); and 2) Regimes of Terminal Motion of Sliding Spinning Disks, Patrick D. Weidman, C.P. Malhotra, Phys. Rev. Lett., 95 264303 (31 December 2005).
See also a  summary of some of the "limit surface" part of this work on pages 130-139 of "Mechanics of Robotic Manipulation" by Matthew T. Mason, MIT Press, 2001 (PDF). See also the papers referenced therein. Some more details are also in the thesis of Goyal.

Planar Sliding with Dry Friction I: Limit Surface and Moment Function Wear (PDF)

Goyal, S., Ruina, A., and Papadopaulos, J.M.
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Planar Sliding with Dry Friction II: Dynamics of Motion Wear (PDF)

Goyal, S., Ruina, A., and Papadopoulos, J.M.
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Summary of Much of Planar Sliding With Dry Friction I and II (Pre-final) (PDF)

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Suresh Goyal PhD Thesis (expansion of some of the content in the papers above), 1988. (PDF)

Constitutive Relations for Frictional Slip,
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Based on Invited lecture. William Prager Symposium on Mechanics of Geomaterials:
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Introduction to Statics and Dynamics, Andy Ruina and Rudra Pratap (pdf)
Some things about friction are in this book.
Oxford University Press Preprint.


Why K? Higher Order Singularities and Small Scale Yielding (PDF)

Hui C.Y., and Ruina, A.
International Journal of Fracture 72, Pages 97-120, 1995

Influence of Coupled Deformation-Diffusion Effects On The Retardation Of Hydraulic Fracture (M.Sc. Thesis) (PDF)

Ruina, A.
Brown University, May 1978