TAM 203, Fall 2008

Old news

* 8/27/08: Welcome to TAM 203.
* 8/27: MATLAB help session: Friday Aug 29, 2008 4 PM in Thurston 204.
* 8/28: Section times on the teaching schedule page have been fixed.
* 8/28: Some office hours now posted.
* 8/28: Homework due Tuesday reduced slightly.
* 9/2 : Matlab samples from 9/2 lecture are on the Matlab page
* 9/2 : Homework for Thursday 9/4 should include a numerical solution (an analytical solution is an optional extra)
* 9/4: Assignments for the semester are posted (provisional)
* 9/4: We have a new course grader
* 9/11: We have lost our 3rd grader! Do you know someone who got at least an
             A in this course and wants to earn some money grading? Tell them to contact me (Andy).
* 9/11: Sign error in lecture. The matrix [K] was defined in lecture negatively from the usual convention.
             [K] should have been defined, as is done in the text, so that the
            governing oscillator ODEs are
                                                                 [M] d^2 [x]/dt^2 = - [K] [x].
           This makes the equations for a system of springs and masses look
            more like the equaions for a single spring and mass: m d^2 x/d t^2 = - kx. All equations in lecture were
            correct, just the definition of [K] violated usual convention so the governing equations were also
            misssing a minus sign compared to usual convention.
* 9/11: Two-DOF Matlab example from lecture is posted. (Corrected as per the comment above. This doesn't
            change the result of the calculation, it just puts in minus signs that belong and which have canceling effects. )
* 9/11: Next Tuesday (9/16) lecture will be given by guest lecturer Sachin Goyal.
* 9/23: We have a new (4th!) grader. He is working to catch up on grading and posting solutions.
* 9/23: As announced in lecture, because the grading is behind the prelim has less coverage, see the HW page.
* 9/26: Solns to most homework.
* 10/7: Prelim 1 solutions posted.
* 10/16: How to rotate a drawing in Matlab now posted.
*10/22: Unless announced otherwise in section, office hours on Wed Oct 22 cancelled.
(wasn't cancelled, Rong held them)
* 10/23: HW due next week lightenned some (postponing due dates of the rest)
* 10/31 Animation (house moving around) posted
* 9/4: Optional extra section every Friday at 4 in Thurston 204.
* 9/4: Note some issues with the book printing.
* 11/18: Prelim 2 solutions posted.
* 11/18: New office hours schedule (newer than email)
* 11/18: To fix HW mis-grading. Please resubmit all old HW that was originally submitted in Oct or Nov (during the new grading policy era). On the top of each HW put a sticky with the effort you deserve. 10/10 if you did enough work to have done all problems well (if you had worked your way to the right track). Put the bundle in an envelope with your name on top. Bring to class or section before Thanksgiving.
* 11/18: Prelim 3 will only cover through the HW that has solutions posted by Saturday Nov 22.
* 11/18: HW due Tues Nov 25 can be handed in a week late if you like.
* 11/22:   Solutions through 15.29 are posted.
* 12/1: HW due Dec 2 can be handed in Dec 4
* 12/1: Extra office hours Wed Dec 3 2:15 - 4:15
* 12/1: Typos in prob 16.1. You should neglect gravity. Besides the angels there
are no other forces on the hoop. At t=0 the bead is on the +x axis.
* To help with Spring edition, send text errors by 7 PM Dec 7!!
Make money if you are the first to find: $.50 for simple typos, $1.00 for math errors, $5 for real errors or things that really deeply need fixing (with suggestion about how to fix). Need to submit by Sunday Nov 30. How?: Subject line in email: TEXT ERRORS. Then list like this:

pg 642, Sect 13.2, paragraph above "More about pendula".
Argument of the exponentials should be: +- sqrt(g/l)t
NOT: gt/l

Note page numbers are printed numbers, not .pdf, page numbers.
* Prelim 3 solutions posted (as well as questions for the makeup exam)


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