Introduction to
Statics and Dynamics

Andy Ruina and Rudra Pratap
Statics and Dynamics 27 MB, 1218 pages (7/12/2019)
Partial Solns Manual (not yet available)
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The story. In 1992 we told a textbook sales rep that we didn't like the Dynamics books. She said "Write your own." Most people said "Don't write a book. It's too much work, no-one will appreciate it and it will probably lose money." Saunders contracted the book and then sold it to Oxford. Now it's ours. Most years we work together for a month or so in Ithaca, Finland, or Bangalore. We re-organized the book 4 or 5 times and added a Statics book because students needed help with vectors and free body diagrams. Various pre-release versions have been used at Cornell and elsewhere about 25 times. It has had about 40 external reviews. The table of contents, preface and introduction show our intentions.

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Sect 13.2, pg 642, par above "More about pendula". -John Smith 2/15/14
In the argument of the exponentials change    gt/l     to     +- sqrt(g/l)t.

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All versions below are OLD and not up to date

Statics and Dynamics (Jan 2015)

Statics and Dynamics(Jan 2011)

Summer 2010 version:car crash
Statics and Dynamics 40 MB, 1000 pages (8/21/10),
Partial Solns Manual (8/21/10)
Known errors in 8/21/10 version

Spring 2009 version:
Hardbound, 2-color: 16 chapters, 997 pages. Bookstore price about $95.      Errata (Spring 2009, corrected in fall 09 book)
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Fall 2008 version:

Aug 7, 2008 Full book: Chapters1-16 w/ index and some answers   (997 pages, 28 meg)
                    Two one-color spiral-bound volumes available as of Aug 28, 2008 for $75 ($72 at Kraftees).
1) A few of the books are missing printing on the inside covers. If yours is one of these (check all 4 inside covers) ask Andy for stickers to put in your book.
2) The (terrible) spiral binding will be more likely to hold together if you put a drop of glue (superglue or plastic cement) on the three latching plastic tabs.


Spring 2008 version:

4/26/08 Chapters 1-14 w/ index and some answers only minor edits to 1-13 (42 megabytes)

Spring 2007 version:

1/23/07: Chapters1-9
2/15/07: Updated chapter 9 problems (some corrections, new collision problems)
2/18/07: Chapter 10
3/8/07  : Chapter 11
3/13/07: Chapter 12
4/5/07:   Chapter 13
4/22/07:  Chapter 14

2002 version: (This version was printed with perfect-binding paperback, with glossy blue cover and bike and badminton photos on the cover.)

Ruina/Pratap "whole book" with no problems (11 meg pdf, January 2002 version)
Ruina/Pratap, problems only (6.4 meg pdf)
Center of mass (The "whole book" above is missing this section.)
D'Alambert beware (The "whole book" above is missing this section.)

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