Prelims and Final exam
TAM 202, Spring 2001

All tests are closed book, closed notes, no calculators.

Students who can do all the homework problems on their own and justify each step, with no recent reference to notes or books, will do well on the prelims and final exam. If you find this is not the case please make an appointment to talk with Andy Ruina.

Strive to do homework and exam solutions that are as clear, neat and complete as the homework and prelim solutions posted on the WWW. If you find those not clear enough, than strive to be more clear.

No time pressure in evening prelims.

  1. 7:30 PM Tues March 6 in UP B17. prelim 1, solutionsgrading comments
    Covers through Pratap and Ruina section 4.5

  2. 7:30 PM Tues April  3 in HO B14. prelim 2,  solutions
    Covers through Beer and Johnston 2.8, comprehensive (ie, also through PR sect. 4.6)

Final Exam: Wed May 16, 2001,   3:00-5:30 PM, Phillips 101. (comprehensive, cummulative, covers the whole course).
A formula sheet will be provided at the final exam. Pressure vessels and hydrostatics are on the formula sheet but will not be on the final exam.    Exam,    solutions

The final exam will have 5 possibly multi-part problems. No problem on the final exam will require a long calculation. At least one problem will involve

work nearly identical to a homework problem or a problem from prelim 1 or 2;
structures and/or machines;
shear and/or bending moment diagrams;
stress in beams;
deflection of beams;
torsion of round bars.

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