The Cornell BioRobotics and Locomotion Lab
(formerly The Human Power, Biomechanics, and Robotics Laboratory)

306 Kimball Hall, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell


This 90 square-meter laboratory is the workplace for a variety of graduate and undergraduate research projects. Most centrally, we use mechanics principles to try to understand better various aspects of human and robotic motion-- locomotion in particular. Ultimately, we hope that our work will contribute to advances in medical rehabilitation of the disabled, prosthetic research and development, exercise physiology, robotic control and simulation, the understanding of coordination in general, and the general quality of engineering education.

News and publicity

Student projects (undergrad and M-Eng)

This is a very selective list which I hope to expand. Ask me if you think a student did a report and you would like a copy. Various things on bikes, rowing, and robots have been done.

Mike Meacham's Mountain Skateboard, spring 2004 (report, 1 meg video, 21 meg video)
        Andy R's consequent inspiration: ScootBoard (5 meg photos and videos)

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