Flight Dynamics
MAE 5070, Cornell Mechanical Engineering
Spring 2015

Lectures:                 Andy Ruina, Tuesday & Thursday, 8:40 - 9:55AM, Phillips 219
Teaching Assistant: Asher Robbins-Rothman (Email. Find him in the Upson Basement, Design-Build-Fly team area).
Catlogue Course Description. More details: ABET description
Prerequisites:          M&AE 3050 (Introduction to Aeronautics),
                                 M&AE 3230 (Introductory Fluid Mechanics) and
                                  M&AE 3260 (System Dynamics) concurrently or permission of instructor.
Piazza: Q&A and course interaction page (sign up to, and keep up with, this page).
Homework: Due at 5 PM in box in Upson basement hallway.
Exams:        2 prelims and a final exam, to be arranged.
Projects:      Invent your own, everyone has to do at least one (simulation or experiment or both).
Grade: A weighted average of HW, exams and projects.
Office hours in Thurston 102
Monday:  3-4:30,        Andy               
Tuesday: 11:30-1:30,   Asher
              Wed:        3-4:30,        Andy

Text: Phillips, Mechanics of Flight   (Review Ch 3, then 4 - ...)
          Phillips Companian site (errata, etc).

         1) Matlab. On HW and exams. Learn it, know it, use it, like it.
         2) X-Plane 9. On HW and exams (copies distributed in lecture).
               Flytolearn curriculum (70 page pdf, includes tutorials)
Flytolearn videos
     X-Plane Youtube Tutorial videos    
               X Plane forums , X-Plane manual    

Further Reading

Abzug and Larrabee (historical perspective, recommended by Stengel)
           Airplane Stability and Control: A History of the Technologies that Made Aviation Possible
Caughey’s Course Notes
(the previous text for MAE 5070)

Web pages for related courses

Stengel, Princeton Flight Dynamics Class
Caughey, Cornell Flight Dynamics Class 
           Caughey created this course as Cornell and taught it about 15 times.
           He passed it on to Garcia who passed on, so it went to Ruina.
MIT, flight dynamics course
Green, Syracuse Flight Dynamics

Field trip to Syracuse Simulator (2 minute Youtube of simulator)
         Main contact: Melissa Ann Green
         To be arranged.


email to Andy Ruina <ruina@cornell.edu>