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Andy Ruina

I have a robotics and biomechanics lab.     I teach basic mechanics and math classes. Recently I study coordination, mostly legged locomotion. I like classical rigid-object dynamics especially contact (collisions, friction, non-holonomic constraints). I used to work mostly on friction and sliding instability. I have also worked on bicycles, solid mechanics and fracture. I usually prefer simple and ideal models. My degrees are from Engineering at Brown (ScB. 76, ScM. 78, Ph.D. 81).

Mechanical Engineering
(formerly in TAM)

247 Upson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
+1 607 327-0013
+1 607 255-7108 (lab)

Research and Lab

Robots, Locomotion papers, Bikes, Friction & fracture, Collisions,  MiscellaneousInformation for students.

List of papers, according to google. Preprints to many available from the links above.


Some things I've worked on

Text Book:  Statics and Dynamics
Dynamic Walking III, the Åland islands, June 2007.
Animal Coordination seminar:- 1st yr sched
TAM Seminars: Planning for 02-03 season.
RIBs: Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles
         helps people fix and earn bicycles.


Personal information
      (Addresses, contacts, India, etc.)   
Schedule, Present location,  Finland info

Office hrs (Spring 2016): Tuesdays 1:00-4:00,      
Thurston 102 (The Conway room). (Also: Wed Jan 27: 1:30-4).

Courses (most recent at top)

ME 6700: Advanced Dynamics (Spring 2016)

ME 4730/5730 Dynamics and Vibrations (fall 2015)

ME 5070: Flight Dynamics (Spring 2015)

TAM 7960: Legged locomotion of robots and animals (fall 2014, not).
ME 2030: Sophomore dynamics.
TAM 2020:  Statics and Mechanics of Materials.
Engr 1170: Intro to Mechanical Engineering.
MATH 2940: Sophomore linear algebra (Videos of lectures).
TAM 570: Introduction to analytical mechanics.
MATH 1910: First semester calculus (Fall 2005)
TAM 663: Intro to Solid Mechanics (Notes from about 1990)
ME 3250: A junior mechanical design analysis.
TAM 674: Applied Multibody Dynamics (Arend Schwab).
MATH 2930: A sophomore math class (mostly ODEs).
Moonbuggy: A student team built a pedaled rough-terrain vehicle (Moonbuggy mirror site).

Course Related 

MATH 293 & 294 problems: Hundreds of prelim problems from MATH 293 and MATH 294.
Cornell Academic Calender for writing syllabi: Fall 2012.

Lab bureaucracy (not publicly accessible)