Short Videos

Cornell Ranger 2011 - Marathon Walking Robot. (4 min) Cornell Ranger, a 4-legged Biped Robot, walks 40.5 miles on a single battery charge.

Powered Biped With Knees. (2 min) A 3D, efficient, powered bipedal walking robot developed by Steve Collins.

Passive Dynamic Walking. (3 min) A collection of passive dynamic walkers. Each walker walks down a slight incline powered only by gravity.

Andy Ruina explains how bicycles balance. (8 min)

A bicycle in zero gravity is unrideable (The bricycle). (3 min)

Passive Dynamic TinkerToy Walker. (1 min) Tinker Toy passive dynamic walker cannot stand upright but can stably walk downhill. It is powered only by gravity.

Stable and efficient bipedal robot platform - NRI PI Meeting 2016. (2 min) Information about Tik-Tok, a walking robot being developed by the Biorobotics and Locomotion Laboratory at Cornell University.

Longer Talks 

Gliders, bicycles and walking robots. (1hr, 11 min) Andy Ruina, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Seminar, 2012

A critique of Induced Acceleration Analysis. (15 min) Andy Ruina, World Congress in Biomechanics, Boston, 2014

Passive Dynamics needs accurate complex modeling, controlled dynamics often doesn't. (24 min) Andy Ruina, Dynamic Walking Conference 2018, Pensacola.