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Non-Holonomic Stability Aspects of Piecewise-Holonomic Systems (PDF)

Ruina, A.
Reports on Mathematical Physics, V. 42, No 1/2, P. 91-100, 1998

This paper demonstrates by means of a simple example that systems that are piecewise holonomic but have intermittent contact inherit some of the stability properties of non-holonomic systems.

Video of a talk at John's Hopkins on 11/19/2009 on Angular Momentum, non-holonomics and such like (video link)

The symmetry of some of the simple non-holonomic examples precludes assymtotic stability (PDF)

Ruina, A.

These are overheads from a talk given at various places.


A related paper:

Motions and Stability Of A Piecewise Holonomic System: The Discrete Chaplygin Sleigh (PDF)

Coleman, M, Holmes, P.
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics vol. 4 no. 2 pp. 1-23, 1999

This paper discusses the dynamics and stability of a piecewise holonomic mechanical system as a function of mass distribution and geometry. It further explores the ideas presented in the above paper.

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