Want to join the Biorobotics and Locomotion lab?

As a post-doc?

We welcome applications from people whose interests will integrate well with ours, if you have your own money. We do not presently have funding of our own for any post-docs.

PhD student?

Apply to Mechanical Engineering. If you are admitted then you have guaranteed financial support (tuition + stipend). Then, if you want to work with me (Andy Ruina) you most likely can. Please mention me in your application and, if you are amongst the top applicants your folder will be forwarded to me to look at.

M-Eng or Undergraduate project?

The short answer is "yes", if you are committed, responsible, energetic, self-motivated, productive, competent and generally able to get good things done. High GPA is not needed, but being A+ quality in some way or another, is.
Here are some potential projects (robotics, biomechanics and other things)
Lab introduction and policies (please read before joining the lab, and again soon after)
Application for lab (Download word file within, which you edit)


Students working for pay or credit write reports for use by future lab members. These should be written whenever a project, even a short project is complete. Useful reports may be posted on the web. Here are some Project report guidelines.


Information session at the beginning of each semester
Work times: Each week all undergrads and M-Eng must be
  1. Attend a weekly lab meeting
  2. Work at least 10 hours on their project