Family photos (made for Prachi adoption dosier, before the adoption, 2001): page 1 (70K),  page 2 (200K)
Prachi with extended family Aug/Sept 02 (8 photos),  screen version,   print version.
Prachi in winter of 02-03 (8photos). Prachi movie on6/3/03 (10 seconds, 1 MByte).
Mieke's Ithaca 5th grade graduation celebrated in Finland on June 22, 2004: Mieke'scakes, the guests, aflower.
Prachi's 3rd birthday.Mieke's 11th Birthday.

Misc:  Things here are probably really boring if you weren't pointed here. Meredith, Konica macro samplesC&P party, DonConwayParty, Dick Root Retirement