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Thu, July 23, 2009 7:04 pm


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No problem. Feel free to post them.

I've been putting things up on YouTube, under the username jerrypratt and we

have a web site up at:

that has a lot of our videos. 

I just added the video you had on your site to YouTube, but it'll be lower

resolution so feel free to post the hires version on your site.

- Jerry

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Cc: Andy Ruina

Subject: Andy Ruina's Lab - Permission to post video - JPratt

Dear Dr Pratt:

Here at Andy Ruina's (copied here) BioRobotics and Locomotion Lab at  

Cornell, I  am digitizing our collection of Movies. Some of our  

movies, things people like to see, are not ours. For example, we

have a copy of your movie. These are viewable in Quick TIme at a non- 

public (not linked-to or findable by google) site.

We think that if we do not make them part of our public site they  

will more likely fade from the

world (unless you have something similar we can link to).

We're asking your permission to post them on our website.

Thanks and hoping to hear from you.