Edith Ruina
Aug 19, 1924 - Nov 27, 2005

A memorial service was held on Saturday January 14, 2005 at the MIT faculty club. About 160 people attended.

Here is the booklet that was passed out and here is the program of events.

To see the 100 pictures that were shown at the service here are two options:

A. Right-click on one of the files below to download the pictures onto your computer as a video.
     To view, PAUSE the video. Then ADVANCE frame by frame WITH THE ARROW KEYS on your keyboard.

low res, 3 meg version                         med res, 11 meg                       good res, 28 meg

B. Look at the pictures on the internet. This is a bigger set of pictures, shown at the end of the memorial. It includes the 100 pictures above and 182 more pictures (many similar to the ones above):


There is a "slideshow" option on the top right of the window. You can download any picture at full resolution by clicking on "save picture" listed under each picture. You can also buy high-quality prints.

Please contact Andy Ruina (ruina@cornell.edu, 607 277-5675) if you have any questions or problems.