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On about May 16 you got an email giving the length of your talk, and the reviews you got from other conference participants. Contrary to that email, the given time is your talk without questions or interruptions.  If you are interrupted you will get that time interruption-time extra at the end; that is, if you have been allotted, and prepared,  a 5 minute talk, and there is a 3-minute interruption in the middle, then your talk will end 8 minutes after you started.  And there might be questions after that also.  


Please prepare to make sure your talk fits in the allotted time.  You can talk less time, but not more. When preparing your talk please pay careful attention to the reviews you got. Make your talk so that those comments and questions won’t arise.


If your talk is under two minutes, that is because we assumed that you only want to introduce yourself.  You can expand up to a 2 minute talk if you like.


If your talk time is 2 minutes or less, please plan on putting any material you have for projection on the computer of the person giving a longer talk that is after you.


The order of talks will be posted by about May 25.  And is negotiable after that so that people can best order and group their talks.


Anyone is welcome to bring one or more posters.  if you plan to bring a poster,

please use the Poster and Demonstration sign up.


If you really want more time, you can ask, but it means we take time away from others.  But, you can trade talk time with others, negotiate with them and let us know.  This is especially recommended for people within a research group.  


Anyone is welcome to bring a demo.  If you plan to bring a demo, please use Poster and Demonstration sign up.