General Course Information
TAM 202, Spring 2001
Statics and Strength of Solids:
Cornell's "Courses of Study" official description (approximately correct).


  1. Introduction to Statics (and Dynamics), Pratap and Ruina. First half of the course (from Gnomon Copy).
  2. Mechanics of Materials, Beer and Johnston. Second half of the course (from Campus Store).
  3. Statics and Strength of Solids, Schaum's Outline Series, optional for extra problems (from Campus Store).
  4. Lab Manual (from Campus store).

Lectures: Andy Ruina,,  Mon/Wed 9:05 AM in Kimball B11.

Recitations: Wang Ying,, 217 Kimball, 255-4079. Recitation rooms and schedule.

Labs: Cyril Youinou,, 230 Thurston, 266-8851. Labs start Feb 5. Here are the dates you have lab (also posted outside room 101a). To change your lab time go to Kimball 212. Please read the lab manual for the lab before you come to lab, it has in it an assignment that is due when you come to lab. Lab zero is optional. If you do it it can replace a homework assignment.

Homework and lab grading TA: Yu-Yun Lin,, 236 Thurston, 255-9174. Lab zero will count as a homework assignment as will various other extra credit assignments. The best 13 homework grades will be kept. That is, for example, you can skip lab zero or skip a homework assignment (but not both) with no loss of credit.

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