The Cornell Moonbuggy Team is composed of undergraduates from a wide variety of fields. We are mostly engineers, however we also have amongst us the likes of physics, film, and arts students. Currently, our team consists of:

Brett Lee

Brad Crowley

Vince Luh

Gabi Benel

Stanley Song

Troy Dunkelberger

Chris Boitnott

Matt Siegler

Rob Shydo
Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineer
Position: Team Leader
Email: bjl16@cornell.edu
Phone: 256-1038

As the team leader, Brett kept the team on track and motivated as well as managing the business and finances. Brett played a major role in the design and construction of the drivetrain in and around the wheels (i.e. CV joints, uprights, halfshafts, etc.). He also did all of the welding on the Moonbuggy.

We are advised by Prof. Andy Ruina, head of the Human Power Labratory in the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department.