TAM 203     SPRING 2007   (Site updated on May 14, 2007)
Particle and Rigid Body Dynamics,            Official Cornell course description (pretty close)
Professor: Andy Ruina
All course schedules/assignments/information will be on this www site. There are no handouts.

News (Most recent at top. Obsolete things may get removed.)

*  5/14/07  Final Exam Solutions are posted (two small errors now corrected).
* 5/13/07   PLEASE CHECK THIS. Here is a newer-still grade sheet. A "-" in front of a HW
                  grade indicates that it was late.   Send errors to Kevin Rampala.
                   W:   7pm - 10pm (Jing)
                  Th:    1pm - 4pm (Meghan)
                    F:    1pm - 4pm (Kevin)
                  Su:    2pm - 5pm (Meghan) and
                           4pm - 7pm (Kevin)
* 5/1/07     Many errors were found in the posted grades. Here is a new grade sheet.
                  Please check your grades. Send errors to Kevin Rampala.
* 4/30/07   Course evaluation counts one point on your final grade. The date has been extended to
                  Friday May 4:    http://www.engineering.cornell.edu/CourseEval/
* 4/28/07  Two more lab makeup days:
                 - Kevin on Monday April 30 from 2:30 - 4:30
                 - Jing    on Tuesday May    1 from 2:00 - 4:00
* 4/22/07  The academic integrity rules apply, of course, to homework redo's
                 (see the homework page). Posted solutions are not "lecture, text [or] section".
* 4/21/07  Matlab example from lecture 4/12
                 (previously done in lectureby Kevin Rampala in Macsyma, a program like Maple)
* 2/6/07    Please read again the academic integrity rules (see the homework page).
* 1/23/07: Welcome to TAM 203.

General course information

Homework assignments and solutions.
Who teaches what when: lecture, sections, labs, office hours, extra voluntary section.
Exams and grading
: coverage of prelims, rooms, dates, final grade formula.
  1. Pratap and Ruina, available online only.
. Lab manual, see Labs page below
There are four, starting on starting Monday January 29, structured like in TAM 202.
Matlab information

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