Homework grading policy Feb 25, 2007

Some students have expressed a sense of not being adequately rewarded for their homework efforts. We want to encourage high standards but we do not want to beat you down.


* All homework can be redone for full credit until May 1, 2007. Hand in the old HW, the new HW and a cover sheet. The whole homework does not need to be redone, only problems that need to be regraded.

* Homework can be resubmitted if the grading seems unfair. Note the issues with post it notes and put a cover sheet on the homework. Possible issues include points taken off for missing vertical forces in 1D horizontal-motion problems.

* Please ask if you do not understand why points are taken off.

Hand in such homework at regular lecture times or, better, at the office hours of the graders where you can discuss the issues.