Matlab information, TAM 203, Spring 2007

You had Matlab in CS 100, so the only new issues are some special commands like ODE45. If you feel your matlab background is not adequate, please send email to In that email say when you took CS 100, who taught it, whether you took M or J, and what any advisor told you about your need to learn Matlab when you were choosing between 100M and 100J.

If you want to learn some Matlab quick I would recommend spending 4-8 hours doing the tutorials at the start of Rudra Pratap's "Getting Started With Matlab" a book originally written for Cornell students who did not have Matlab at all in CS 100. You can order it from the campus store or buy it from Amazon.

There are some Matlab samples on older TAM 203 www pages (e.g. TAM203 2002).

Here are some samples.

A minimal ODE solution and plot, not good enough to hand in. A ball falling in honey.

A model ODE solution and plot, good enough to hand in. (From Spring 06).

Two particle collision (using backslash to solve simultaneous equations)

Forced spring-mass oscillator (from lecture 2/6/07)

Animation of mass hanging from spring in 2D (from lecture 3/1/07)

Solution of 13.83 in Matlab (from lecture April 12, 2007)