Working Model Information (from the TAM 203 mailing list)

  You can order the student version of Working Model from the
Campus store. It will cost $60. It will take about 10 days
to arrive from when you order it. The ISBN numbers are:

Mac  0-201-82106-0
PC  0-201-82110-9

and it is sold by Addison Wessely.

  It is certainly not needed for the class since it is available
in the public labs.  But I don't think anyone would be too harmed
by playing with it instead of other various computer games and
WWW wanderings.  It may help build your understaning of how things
work as well.

1) WORKING MODEL is up and running fine on both Hollister PCs and
the Upson MACs (You just need to go to the front desk to get the
manual if it asks you to recite a word from some page).

2) The demo version of working model can be downloaded from:

3) The demo version is pretty crippled.

2) Nikki Lumbard in Kimball 212 has the WORKING MODEL demo disks.
So if you want to play around with WORKING MODEL  on your own PC or
MAC you can get one of these CDs and install it.