TAM 203 list-serve (mailing list)
To get course news, office hour changes, HW  and lecture corrections,
prelim info, etc, you need to subscribe to the course mailing list.
The directions for doing so are below.
Most information in mailed messages will be duplicated on the WWW page
http://www.msc.cornell.edu/~sdh4/203/203.html. Remember that you may
need to use your browser's reload command to get new information
if the page is cached.
This way you do not need to constantly check the WWW page for
news flashes but you do not need to save the class email in any
organized way.
Here is how to subscribe and how to unsubscribe to the class list-serve.
Information from old list-serve messages will be posted in the appropriate
places on the web site.
email to    contents of message  (1st line)        effect
--------    -------------------------------        ------
listproc    subscribe tam203-L firstname last      get on  mailing list
listproc    unsubscribe tam203-L                   get off mailing list
listproc    review tam203-L                        get a list of subscribers
tam203-L    anything                               message to class (from staff only)