Dear 203-
This is (hopefully) all the information, reminders, etc. you
will need until the end of the course. Save this email or print
it out so that you can refer to it!

The last homework is due Thursday May 8 by 5PM, along with
labs, etc. After that, you take a chance that your TA will not
accept it. I will put solutions in Thurston 102, along with a
box with old homework, labs, etc. in it, for you to sort
through at your convenience (my sections at least).

There are no make-up labs. Email your lab TA (fast) if you
need to arrange some project for lab credit.

There will be a review session Saturday morning May 10 at 9AM
in Kimball B-11. Tama's will go over some old prelims and finals.

I have office hours Wednesday (tomorrow) from 7:30PM - 9 PM in Thurston
102. Phoebus Rosakis has office hours on Thursday from 2-4PM
in his office, 2nd floor Kimball. I will have office hours
for last-minute questions, etc, on Monday May 12 from 9AM-10AM
in Thurston 102. Sorry there aren't more office hours- the TAs
are also swamped with their own projects and finals!

Course eveluation is electronic and will give you 2 bonus points
(roughly 1/5 letter grade) so its worth doing! Go to the course
web site and click on Course Evaluation. If you have problems
send email to and/or a copy to me.
The password, as I remember, is 203eval, but check your earlier email.

Final make-ups will be arranged separately. So far, a few people have
emailed me about the CS100 conflict, and there will be a 202 make-up,
so that conflict is resolved. Email me if you need to take a make-up
and haven't emailed me yet.

A few people still owe corse fees. You can bring them to the final
if you haven't paid yet. I have a list from Andy of people who
have not paid, and I will try to send email to everyone on it.

Final is at 3PM in Olin 155 Monday May 12. We will be taking some
kind of attendance, so be on time and sit in rows as usual, etc.
Good luck-- it's almost over.